Tarun Kapoor

联合创始人& 首席技术官
硕士 | 计算机科学,网络设计
MBA | 能源与环境保护
学士 | 计算机科学
New York City

Tarun Kapoo是一个经验丰富的电信、能源和IT专员,具备创业经验和精神力,并对电力市场有相当深入的了解。在他的职业生涯中, 面对当前快速变化的全球商业环境,Tarun已经帮助研发了一系列适用于申请创新且具颠覆性技术的商业模型,期间克服不少根深蒂固的旧式模型。他是英国剑桥大学能源与环境方向的工商管理硕士,同时拥有哥伦比亚大学计算机科学网络设计方向的硕士学位。

Q: What is your most motivating factor when selecting a new position and new company to work for?
A: I always look for positions which use technology to revolutionize and transform an existing industry. While technology can be "cool", it has to have a practical purpose and use case. Companies utilizing technology in innovative and novel ways to solve a business or society problem are the ones I seek out and I look for positions which enable me to bridge my technical and business acumen and engage with external actors. Thus, understanding how the technology solves a needed problem is what excites me everyday when I get into the office.
Q: Why did you choose to study Computer Science?
A: I originally wanted to study Physics, but then thought I should choose something more practical. Since I always liked to play around with computers since the age of 10, it was an easy choice. Just as importantly, it interfaces with everyday users much more than other engineering disciplines and I always enjoyed talking to everyone about technology and how they interact with it.
Q: Why did you feel you needed an MBA?
A: For me, an MBA helped me to understand the full perspective of how a company makes decisions, from financing to which customers to target. I was always disillusioned when decisions were being made that seemed illogical to me, because my work (and team) was only one aspect of the decision making progress. The MBA really taught me all the multiple inputs that go into making many decisions and broadened my view of what makes a company (or any organization) successful. 
Q: What did you learn from your biggest failure?
A: With the failure of my telecoms startup, I gained insight into three areas. First, how important it is to clearly articulate your product or service to both the industry and the customers. You cannot rely on the technology to sell itself. Second, understand when you should change the company's focus and when you should stick to what you are doing. Most successful entrepreneurs have pivoted at the right time. Third, recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Nobody is good at everything. Learn to bring in the right people who can do certain tasks much better than you can. 
Q: What is the motto you live by?
A: Life is uncertain, with its challenges and its opportunities, no matter who you are or where you come from. Live each day with vigor, curiosity and a sense of humour! 

Dear Tarun, Thank you for your help in modifying my PS. Although I have been rejected by UW, I was accepted by GaTech, which is also a great school. I gained a lot in the process of writing my PS. Of course, your help was very important for me. Thanks again! Best regards, Qian
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